Soft skill programs for All Industries

S No Training Name Objective
1 Business Communication Skills Improve business communication skills Details+
2 Leadership Skills Training Become an effective and inspiring leader Details+
3 Delegation Learn to delegate effectively and influence with or without authority Details+
4 Networking Skills Network for success Details+
5 Negotiation Skills Achieve superior negotiation outcomes Details+
6 Client Relationship Management Build deeper relationships with your clients Details+
7 Managerial Skills Become effective managers, motivate your team Details+
8 Conflict Management Learn to manage conflict constructively Details+
9 Assertiveness Training Learn to influence others through assertive communication Details+
10 Advanced Presentation Skills Learn advanced techniques for preparing and delivering presentations Details+
11 Basic Presentation Skills Learn to make powerful presentations Details+
12 Positivity and Stress Management Learn to manage stress Details+
13 Time Management Prioritizing tasks and managing time Details+
14 Telephone Etiquette Telephone handling skills for administrative staff Details+
15 Email Etiquette Write professional, engaging and impactful emails Details+
16 Critical Thinking Skills Ask the right questions, solve business problems Details+
17 Ethical Leadership Learn the meaning and importance of ethical leadership Details+