iRikai ("rikai" derived from the word for "understand" in Japanese) has deep experience in working with Japanese clients in India to solve their people skill related issues. We understand the challenges faced by Japanese firms in India and the ground realities of doing business in India for Japanese companies. Over the years, we have developed a specialized set of training programs that solve challenges related to employee skill gaps for Indian and Japanese employees of Japanese companies in India. Please contact us for more a detailed discussion on our programs or for information about our "Annual Training Package for Japanese companies"
Training programs for Japanese companies in India
Japanese work culture, PDCA, HoRenSo, Time Management

Training on Japanese work culture for Indian employees (HoRenSo, PDCA, Time Management, Japanese work culture). Customized for clients' industry (case studies and practical examples). Please also see: Sample PDCA / HoRenSo / Time Management training.

Microsoft Office Training Learn to use MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word - course specifically adapted for Japanese standards and preferred styles of formatting and reporting
Business Skills Training Choose topics from our standard set of soft skill programs (please see here). All our corporate training programs are customized before delivery 
Indian work culture Indian work culture / business etiquette / negotiation skills for Sr. Management (including CXOs, MDs) – Conducted 1:1 or small group. More information: Indian Business Etiquette 

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Japanese Business Etiquette for Indian Management

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