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USA Business Etiquette

Our American Business Etiquette course starts with an introduction to the country and key topics of interest including the history, economy, geography, politics, education, family system, contemporary topics etc. We then introduce the cultural traits that can be helpful to know when doing business with Americans and learn to apply these in real life business situations. We use case studies to demonstrate strategies that have (and have not) worked in doing business with Americans.

Introduction to the US, covering an overview of History, Geography, Language, Arts, Sports, Religion, Government, Cuisine, Politics, Economy and Contemporary Topics

Understanding American Culture Understand the cultural traits that can influence how you do business with Americans, including: family system, relationships vs. business, punctuality, hierarchy, decision making, negotiation techniques, regional differences, and communication styles
American Corporate Etiquette Learn about corporate etiquette requirements while doing business Americans, including drinking and dining etiquette, dressing, meeting and greeting, gift giving, extending and receiving invites
Case Studies Through real life business case studies, understand what works when doing business with Americans, and what does not. Apply the learning of cultural traits to formulate a strategy for best business outcomes