Training Program Development

Customized content for maximum training impact

Corporate training is an investment. A scientifically developed corporate training program ensures your employees get the most out of the time they invest and you get the best ROI for your spend. With our end-to-end training process, we prioritize the key performance areas that the training program needs to impact and build a customized training program with the right mix of content for maximum impact.

Sample Training Program Development: Client Relationship Management


Communication (40%)

Common barriers to communicationgry-vline

Effective verbal and non-verbal communicationgry-vline

Assertive communicationgry-vline


Building Trust (30%)

Building credibilitygry-vline

Sustaining credibilitygry-vline

Moving from "vendor" to "advisor"gry-vline


Professionalism (30%)

Managing expectationsgry-vline

Prioritizing activitiesgry-vline

Maintaining high professional standardsgry-vline