Pre-audit & Mystery Shopping

Identifying corporate training needs from your customers' perspective

The final objective of corporate training should be to improve business results. If your employees lack training in specific skills, the first to feel the pinch will be your customers. iRikai conducts detailed mystery shopping to ascertain the experience of customers at various touch-points with your organization. This is done using a combination of customer experience simulation and a "fly on the wall" approach - where our experienced mystery shoppers discreetly observe staff interactions with customers. The mystery shopping report serves as a crucial input into training needs identification and provides management with an objective report of the on-ground situation.

Sample Outcomes: Mystery Shopping at a High-end Hospital


Date & Time : 28 March
Assessor : iRkai
Department : OPD

10:30 AM

An argument occurred between a caregiver (assisting international patients) and a doctor in the Orthopedic section. The doctor used poor body language and did not know how to deescalate the situation – he pleaded helplessness and walked away. The doctor’s coordinator stepped in, and also did not know how to handle the situation. The caregiver continued to argue for 10 minutes with the coordinator with no satisfactory resolution.

A couple came to the counter with medicine which needed to be injected. She checked with the couple if they had kept the medicine refrigerated, which they hadn’t done. She called someone to double check this was mandatory, and then told the couple that they would need to purchase new medicine. She further gave them directions to a nearby pharmacy, in case the medicine was not available at the hospital pharmacy. Good display of proactivity, ownership and accountability.

A patient came to the reception and started venting loudly about a poor experience she had just had. A supervisor nearby overheard the situation but did not intervene. The receptionist was occupied with other patients and could not assist the patient. Tha patient walked away frustrated after venting for 5-6 minutes.