Measure Training Impact

Measuring the impact of your training spend

iRikai is committed to give you measurable results on your corporate training spend. We follow best practice measurement techniques to quantify the impact of our training programs. Depending on the length and scope of the corporate training engagement, we use a spectrum of techniques from instant feedback collation to long term cost-benefit-analyses.

Soft Skills Training Impact Measurement

Approach Definition Advantages Disadvantages
Training Session feedback A post-training survey of participants for feedback on training




CrossDoes not measure impact of training

CrossCannot be tied back to ROI

Knowledge test A pre- and post training evaluation of participants’ knowledge


TickMeasures changes in knowledge

TickCan be tied back to ROI

CrossDoes not measure ongoing improvement in behavior
Performance measurement Pre- and post training audit of behaviors that contribute to customer satisfaction


TickMeasures changes in behavior over time

TickCan be tied back to ROI

CrossRequires long term measurement

CrossRequires supporting processes

Financial benefits A cost-benefit analysis of the corporate training program TickTies changes in behavior to financial benefits for organization


CrossRequires long term measurement and supporting processes