Management Discussions

Bringing out the issues which matter the most

Our Corporate Training Needs Assessment process begins with comprehensive and structured interviews with stakeholders. Interviews with management provide us strategic input into training objectives. Interviews with prospective participants help us get a first hand view of their specific challenges. The interviews are conducted by experienced practitioners with an aim to customize training programs and make them more relevant for participants, ensuring better training outcomes.


Sample Outcomes: Interviews with Management and Participants

We need to develop the next line of leaders.gry-line

The training program should help us move to a more relationship focused sales process.gry-line

Our front line staff need to have a customer orientated approach.gry-line

How can I manage the expectations of my internal stakeholders and external customers?gry-line

I need training to manage my time better.gry-line

How can I motivate my team and build camaraderie?gry-line